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The art of the short-story writer is that of the cartoonist. It is the magical craft of creating entire worlds with a few simple strokes of a pen. Tales told by an idiot? Maybe! But my tales are also a mix of reality and fantasy; truth and lies; some based on my own family; others, not. Readers must guess which characters are real; who are inventions - and who are an amalgam of both. Please draw the boundaries for yourself.

Friday, 5 July 2013

‘Home Alone’

Great Aunt Julia slumped in her seat, her ramrod-straight back sagging beneath the weight of the news she must convey.

Bereavement.NoteThen, as she began forming the  characters on the page before her, Julia realised her fine script shone with the gloss of unwonted tears.

“3 Deanery  Square,

North Shields,

Tyne & Wear

“04 May 1978

“Dear Sylvia and Lesley,

“My letter today brings the saddest news. I am now alone. Aunt Ellen died  two nights ago after several days in hospital.

“Until it was beyond me to cope she was with me here, but I realised that her many illnesses and suffering over the years had finally exhausted her.

“My love to you and the rest of the family.

“Aunt Julia”

And as she folded her note, pushed it into a matching envelope, sealing it carefully with a damp sponge, Great Aunt Julia sighed. Who, she wondered, would tell the girls when she died? Would it matter? Would anyone care?

Natalie Wood

(Copyright, Natalie Irene Wood – 05 July 2013)










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