Perfect Family Tales And Other Trivia

The art of the short-story writer is that of the cartoonist. It is the magical craft of creating entire worlds with a few simple strokes of a pen. Tales told by an idiot? Maybe! But my tales are also a mix of reality and fantasy; truth and lies; some based on my own family; others, not. Readers must guess which characters are real; who are inventions - and who are an amalgam of both. Please draw the boundaries for yourself.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

‘It Was a Gas, Gas, Gas!’


Is that Jumpin’ Jack Flash?

I’ve run out of cash.

You’ve always been

So big down under.


And that’s where you were

When I needed you most.

Down under.

But it’s too late now.

Paint it black, Jack.

As tears go by, Jack.

Never much good at being

Mother’s little helper.


 You promised meRolling.Stones.Not.Fade.Away

I’d not fade away.

Not true tho’,

Was it, Jack?


Never mind, eh?

You can’t always Get what you want.


Hey, Jack.

Can you hear me?

I’ll go check if there’s sympathy

For the devil where

I now reside.

It was a gas while it lasted,

Jackie boy – Jack -

Help me,

God help me ….

Natalie Wood

(© Natalie Irene Wood –18 March 2014)

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