Perfect Family Tales And Other Trivia

The art of the short-story writer is that of the cartoonist. It is the magical craft of creating entire worlds with a few simple strokes of a pen. Tales told by an idiot? Maybe! But my tales are also a mix of reality and fantasy; truth and lies; some based on my own family; others, not. Readers must guess which characters are real; who are inventions - and who are an amalgam of both. Please draw the boundaries for yourself.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

‘Tarnished Treasures, Guilty Pleasures’

“And the Lord said to me; What do you see, Amos? And I said, "A plumbline." And the Lord said: Behold I place a plumbline in the midst of My people Israel; I will no longer pardon them”. (Book of Amos 7:8)

Jimmy.SavileFirst they came for Jimmy,

but he’d already slipped away downstairs.                               


Then they went for Stuart,

whose time on It’s a Slop-Out will thrill us all for years.


Bill  came next with a bravura show well beyond our ken.


But we understood at once why Max’s mini organ would never play again.

Pastor.Martin.NiemöllerThen they came for several odd-balls – a couple still bounce loose.

Last – for the nonce - they came for  Rolf who once drew the Queen - and large, delighted crowds.

Amos.7.7But now, he  too  resides behind thick walls placed by a plumbline. And it’s there that no-one’s left who’ll speak for him. Ever.

Natalie Wood

(© Natalie Irene Wood – 20 July 2014)

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